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Michael Roberts Music, is a music company based off working in the real world of music! Many areas are covered, such as: Instrumental Studies, Song Writing, Various Styles of Music, Performance, Project Construction, Arranging, Composition, Audio Engineering, Mastering, Band Camps, Improvisation, Reading Music Notation, Ear Training, Ensemble Classes, and Preparation For: Solo and Ensemble, All State bands and Music Colleges, and anything related to the Music Industry! Certification Programs are available through this company.

      "Audio Flash Players"

[1] "A Thursday Night Reaction"
[2] [2] "Killer Joe" A.R.M. 2008
[3] [3] "Besheert" "Shoshana's Anam Cara" 1999
[4] [4] "Two Tied Two" "ZEPHYRUS" 1990/1991
[5] [5] "Mislebbed Blues" "ZEPHYRUS" 2008 { Home Page Opening }
[6] [6] "Sonic Injection" "ZEPHYRUS" 2008
[7] [7] "Ce La Luna/Eh, Cumpari" "Antone Of Italy"
[8] [8] "Golden Octwa Drum Solo" 1987
Michael DiPippo, the owner of "Michael Robert's Music" holds a BA in Music Composition from the prestigious "Berklee College Of Music" 1987.

His instrumental studies include [1] Primary: Drums/Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and Synthesizers, and Theremin.
[2] Secondary: Saxophone, Wooden and Metal Flute, Electric Harp, Mandolin, Violin, Voice, Lap Slide, + etc.

   Michael's experience in the Music Industry is in vast multiples! He has traveled the world and has performed, recorded, produced, arranged, composed, and promoted products in many areas, such as: Bangkok and Chaing Mai Thailand, Phonom Penh Cambodia with "The Grabb Brothers", Nashville Tennessee, Miami Florida, The White House steps in Washington D.C. 1978, Boston and Cape Cod MA, Long Island N.Y., Connecticut, Rhode island, all of New England, the North East, and much of the east coast.
           In addition Michael has performed with Nostalgic Artist, such as: Tiny Tim, The Coasters, and The Drifters with "John Buco and The Night Rockers", and so on. Michael was also part of the "AS220" Scene in Providence R.I. for over 15 years, and was the opening Avant-Garde act with "Joseph Auger" on opening night 12/5/1987 titled: "The Cabaret For The Oddly Normal". For 2011 and 2012 he has been working with the Legendary "Bob Mainelli and The Holiday", and has Performed at "The Diamond Hill Park Festival" Cumberland R.I. 8/12/2012, and "The Hasbro Children's Hospital" Benefit at "The Providence Veterans Auditorium" with "Joe Silva and Friends" featuring special guest "Anton Fig" 12/14/2012. Opening up 2013, was a performance with the Rhode Island branch of "The Harlem Gospel Choir" titled "Joyful Noise" at the "Multicultural Arts Center" in Cambridge MA 1/19/2013. Michael has close to 4,000 performances in his life time, and still counting.

                  Products are also in many, such as: Shoshana's "Anam Cara", Roberto Bove's "Eres Tu' ", Antonio' of Italy's "Italian Night", all ©1999, etc. All three were successful in the European, Latino, Italian, and the Romance Countries. In addition "Michael" has three present solo albums titled "ZEPHYRUS", which is the invention of a new and innovative type of Heavy Metal Rock, he calls, "Edge Metal" dating back to 1986.
[1] "IMPACT" 1990/1991, Hit #1 on the North East independent charts in 1990, and 23 in the top 50 for the year. [2] "LETHAL PARANOIA"  1997, received world wide radio play, with many music magazine articles. [3] "DISTORTED BRAIN TISSUE" 2008, traveled throughout the scene on it's own, and is known as the "Underground Mystery Album" ! His 2012 release is a re-master of an Avant-Garde tape found in the archives titled "THE BROCCOLI BUZZ" 1983/2013. For the 2013 release, the new album is another Avant-Garde tape found in the archives Titled: "A RANDOM FIND" 1987/2013. There are far more releases. Michael also has a publication titled "Understanding How Music Works and Connects" 2010/2013.

                       As an educator Michael has been teaching Music privately and in independent classroom since 1986, and has had many students past and present attend and graduate major music colleges, and is working in many areas of the music industry, such as: Live Performance, Arranging, Song writing, Production, Audio Engineering, Education, Promotion, etc.

Michael Quotes: "Music is what I Do"! "I want to see my students become as great as possible"! "Success Plus"!

                                    Product Quote: "To Create the Best and Most Accurate Product Possible"!

                                                     Hope to see You soon! Have Fun with the Site!

This site has many players of multiple types of music I've produced over the years. Explore! Enjoy! Learn!

                                                                 "Sonically Yours"
Michael DiPippo

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