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Music Education

Private and group lessons are available for all instruments, such as: [1] Drums/Percussion [2] Bass [3] Guitar [4] Piano/Keyboards; All, Beginning to Advanced. Wood Winds, Brass, Strings; Intermediate to Advanced. If a student is  in need of a beginning instructor, for any of these instruments, one can be provided.

Ensemble and group classes, such as: performance, music theory, ear training, production, arranging, composition, songwriting, and band camps, can be taken at any level, beginners to advanced, all welcome.

Circular Teaching: This is an educational technique I developed which at times, I may also title as "Constant Motion Teaching". It is based off continuous change, to keep the student interested, build stamina, and to be able to switch gears when needed. Example: While I'm giving a private lesson to one student, others may be functioning in an ensemble I had just taught, with a given assignment, while another set may be working on ear training, then at one point, the private may be put in any of the two classes when the lesson is completed, or may be set up with a new class, as new students arrive. The students are moved from point to point for a constant motion of musical activity. I discovered this educational technique also works well with people of learning natures, such as: ADD, ADHD, and Asperger's.

Preparation for:
Music Colleges, All State Band, Solo and Ensemble, and Music as a career, is offered for the serious music student. Certificates are also available for students as such.

Master Lessons/Classes are offered for students of a longer distance and/or sporadic schedules.

Whether one is studying music as a career, secondary profession, hobby, or undecided, the program will be adjusted for that particular students needs.

[1] [1] "Don't Know Why" A.R.M. 2010
[2] [2] "Autumn Leaves" A.R.M. 2010
[3] [3] "Under The Edge Of Purple Skies" Shoshana's Anam Cara 1999
[4] [4] "Metalic Samba" Zephyrus 1990/1991 {Page Opening}
[5] [5] "Dimensional Shifts" Zephyrus 2008
[6] [6] "Splattered Bladder" Zephyrus 1997
[7] [5] "Al Di La" Antone of Italy 1999

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