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Production For Song Writers and Bands! Music Education For All Types! Welcome Friends!

Production and Arranging

[1] Songwriters and Bands: Whether you have lyrics, a chord progression, melody, concept, idea, prerecorded sketch, or rehearsed material, your project can be built from the ground up. Everything from; specific types of miking, to characteristic modeling of what your project needs, will be tended to. 

[2] Arranging: Orchestration of, and for your material, is available in many fashions, such as: Strings, Wood Winds, Brass, Percussion, in any combination. In addition, specific charts of your songs, tailored to your materials needs, can also be written.

[3] Compositions and Songs: For personal and public events, compositions and songs of many types can be composed, weather it be a modern classical composition, Jazz, New Age, Rock, Pop, Country, Sacred, or whatever is appropriate for the occasion, a piece can be written for any size ensemble. 

[4] Musicians:
  Whether it  be one specific type of musician, or an ensemble that is needed,
musicians of many types are available, for multiple purposes.

"Production, Audio Engineering, and Mastering, are available for all of the above"

[1] [1] Campbels Commission 2008
[2] [2] Que Puedo Hacer (1st Intro) 1999 {Page Opening}
[3] [3] Saint Thomas A.R.M. 2008
[4] [4] "I Only Cry" Michael Denardo 2010
[5] [5] "You Lift Me Up" Shoshana's Anam Cara 1999
[6] [6] "Mujer Gitana" Roberto Bove" 1999
[7] [7] "Mas Fuertes Que El" Roberto Bove' 1999
[8] [8] "5 Minutos 50 Anos" Roberto Bove' 1999
[9] [9] "Que Puedo Hacer (2nd intro) Roberto Bove' 1999
[10] "[10] Spirit Free Random Mind" Zephyrus 2008
[11] [11] "It's Only Rock and Roll" Remake 2011
[12]    [12] "Hip Hop/Gia" 2010
[13] [13] "Paese" Antone' of Italy 1999
[14] [14] "Love" Shoshana's Anam Cara 1999
[15] [15] "Que Puedo Hacer" Roberto Bove' 1999
[16] [16] "Let's Go" T.C Hip Hop 2011
[17] [17] "We Be Gettin' Down" T.C. Hip Hop 2011
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